About Jo

| Adventure Seeker | Weekend Van Dweller | Content Creator|


Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan

I’m Jo, 22, currently living in Devon.  Spending life wandering along the beach, swimming in the sea and generally being a bit of a beach bum. A happy skater and a keen adventurer.

The Blog

I spend many hours a day sitting at a desk in a rather grey coloured office. Now don’t get me wrong, my colleagues are great and I find parts of my work therapeutic in a weird kind of admin way. However, there are many moments in the day when I am daydreaming.

Many people I know or follow have taken the time to just spend time exploring. Following their urge for adventure. While I spend time dreaming of it, I have decided that this is just not good enough.  So I am taking my skates, camera, wetsuit, camper van and boyfriend Joe, and doing something about this.


Thats where Mindful Adventures was born.

This will be my platform to share, explain and express my adventures and beach living.  Weekends exploring the UK, trying out new activities, maybe some trips abroad, and exploring wherever I go. Of course I will write about my lifestyle too, any items that I particularly love, Eco-friendly living and mindfulness.

I will share with you what I learn and discover about travelling and exploring, personal events that take place in this journey we call life, and entries summing up my favourite moments of the past season. Learning self-love and living life to its fullest.

This is no longer just a dream. It is a plan to catch that dream