About Jo

| Adventure Photographer & Content Creator|


Jo Pool diving looking down to the camera with the OK hand signal - Mindful Adventures

I’m Jo, a twenty something year old ocean lover. Spending life wandering along the shoreline, swimming in the sea and generally being a bit of a beach bum. Always capturing memories, always keen for an adventure.

I spend many hours a day sitting at a desk in a rather grey coloured office. Now don’t get me wrong, my colleagues are great and I find parts of my work therapeutic in a weird kind of admin way. However, there are many moments in the day when I am daydreaming.

So I am taking my camera, wetsuit, camper van and boyfriend Joe. We are going to do something about this.


Thats where Mindful Adventures was born.

This is my platform to share the stories behind my adventures and photography. Whether it is weekends exploring new coastlines (above and below the sea!), learning about the wonderful marine life that inhabits our oceans or focusing on living a more eco-friendly life, it will be a story to tell.

Recently I have discovered the world of scuba diving, this combined with my passion for photography and love of marine life has opened up a whole load of words for me to share. So if you like any of those then this is the blog for you.

If you see me on any adventures be sure to come and say Hi! I’d love to hear all your adventures too. I’m the meantime thanks for reading and I hope you stick around for more.