A Year In Photography – 2018

Another year, full of memories, captured by my trusty camera kit.

This year has been full of adventure and new activities, allowing me to take my camera capture these moments and to learn more. Enhance my love for photography, combining it for my passion for adventure and the oceans. The start of the year I had more of a focus for landscapes, finding ways to capture parts of Dartmoor and Devon to show their beauty as best I could. Around the middle of the year, I discovered the world of underwater photography.

Giving me a whole new look at the world and what’s under the waves. It is also a whole new set of skills. I am completely back at the start of my photography learning. But that’s okay. For me its all about trying to capture the world in a new way to share with you. So by being back at the start of my knowledge is giving me a chance to develop further what I already know and put it to good use with the techniques of dunking a camera under the water. (Yes, despite my testing, I was terrified for the life of my camera when I first put it into the sea!)

So without further ado, here are my favourite photographs I have taken in 2018

Starting off with this photo of interestingly shaped trees on Woodbury Common, East Devon. There is just something about this photo that I enjoy. Its got loads of shapes, main focal point and bright colours for a mid-winter scene.

A Year In Photography - Woodbury Common - Mindful Adventures

The 2 photos below are from a hike at Meldon Reservoir. During the heatwave we had over the summer I tried to get out and about as much as possible. The wonderful bit about these photos are the spots of yellow that give the photos that extra pop. In the first photo, I used higher shutter speeds to try and freeze the water as it moved down the river. Then for the second photo, it was more about the composition, Joe following the path, telling the story of heading towards the huge reservoir dam.

River on Dartmoor with a mini waterfall in the centre of the photo, the river is full of large rocks poking out of the water. The banks are full of yellow flowering gorse bushes Male with blonde hair and hiking gear on following the footpath on the left hand side, surrounded by treese and flowering gorse bushes. In the background is the front of a huge dam. Photo taken at Meldon Reservoir on Dartmoor

Heading away from the South West and up to Snowdonia, Wales for these next few photos. Back in May I went up to Snowdonia to have a go at Zip World Titan (its brilliant if you were wondering!) While up there Joe and I visited Bala Lake, using the small steam train to get a good view of the lake. The first photo is using a technique called leading lines, that get your eyes to follow the image. So in this photo its about following the train and looking forward towards its destination. I also love the way the steam follows too.

Joe is one of my usual subjects/models for my photography. Partially because he doesn’t have a choice… Partially because he’s quite the poser, even though 80% of my photos of him are candid! I guess he’s just a natural poser? Now the 2nd photo here has to be one of my top 5 photos this year. A natural candid photograph sharing the peace and calm of the lake. I am hoping to do more portrait/lifestyle photographs like this one in the year to come.

looking down the side of the train, there is the green hedge row to the right, in the distance you can see the track continue around the bend on the Bala Lake Railway

A lot of these photos will now be following one theme – Under The Sea

As I mentioned at the start a huge part of my year in photography is venturing into the underwater photography world. For this section, I am starting off with a beautiful Blue Jellyfish. Captured in Lyme Regis the jellyfish fascinate me. Interesting shapes, colours and the way they move through the water. Heres to capturing more jellyfish next year!

The next photo is of a Beadlet Anenome. This photo was actually quite a tricky one to take. While on a trip to Port Isaac, we had a sunset walk on a local beach. It was low tide and dusk was upon us. Having a look in the small rock pools using our phone torches I came across this Anenome. Using zoom and getting an unhoused camera extremely close to water (eek!). Along with the bright settings of Joe’s phone torch I just about managed to get the Anenome on camera. It turns out to be one of my favourites from this year and I am looking forward to next year where I can learn more about them.

The movement of the sea is wonderful to watch. Whether its the waves crashing on the side of a cliff or the way the rain hits a still calm sea, I will always enjoy it. So the photo below captures that movement of the surface of the water and the bubbles coming from below in this gorgeous abstract way.

Then the photo below also follows the same feel to it. Natural abstract, I think that’s the best way to call it. Anyway, what I love about it are the colours, the blend of pinks and oranges. Matching the delicate look to the algae. Even though its that bit messy with all the sediment in the water, I think it adds to the photo.

Finishing a year in photography by capturing British Summertime.

That’s what this photo became about when I entered it into Travel Zoo UK’s Instagram competition. Starting off as my favourite photo from our weekend surfing in Perranporth. It went on to be picked by Canon Ambassador, David Noton to win one of the summer weekly competitions. To be recognised by a fantastic pro photographer meant so much to me and its a photo I will always cherish.

Surfing in Perranporth 4

So that’s my year in photography – 2018. I hope to share more photographs with you here in the future. I have recently started adding my photography to this site and going to bring more focus to it going forward. So if you fancy seeing more either head over to the Photography section of Mindful Adventures of head over to Instagram @Mindfuladvblog

See you next time and happy adventuring!

Jo x

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A Year In Photography - 2018 - Mindful Adventures

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