Why I Didn’t Hike Snowdon

Visited Wales, stopped in Snowdonia and didn’t hike Snowdon. Slightly odd?

In my opinion, there is too much pressure to hike mount Snowdon. It’s the mountain to climb in that area, it’s well-known and offers challenges to all types of hikers. Then, on the other hand, there’s a fair bit of pressure to not hike Snowdon. Many other nicer mountains to climb in Snowdonia some will say.

For me, I don’t really care for anyone else’s opinions on where I hike and why. So in this blog post, I am looking at some of the reasons why I didn’t hike Snowdon. Honestly, I do not need to write this post, I am not explaining or justifying why I didn’t hike the well-known mountain. Instead, I am sharing my reasons in hope that we can all feel better for making our own choices and defining our own adventures.

Why I didn't hike Snowdon - The Snowdonia National Park sign on the side of a large rock on the ground

Not A Fan of Climbing Mountains

It is as simple as that. I like the views at the top of a hill, but I seriously don’t like the idea of hiking up the huge mountains. I get why many hikers enjoy the Mount Snowdon hikes. I love the photographs taken at the top or en route to the summit. Also, the opportunities that the mountains can offer a photographer like myself. However climbing the steep footpaths, carrying heavy photography kit, isn’t the most fun in my eyes. I am quite a petite person so having to carry all my kit can make a hike hard work, even more so when I have the added tripods, lenses and other camera equipment.

Also when it comes to hill hikes I tend to just rush to the top to get it over with. So I wouldn’t get any thrill or enjoyment from reaching the top, I would just be looking forward to heading down. Having a good ol’ cuppa tea once getting back down the mountain. Other people are huge fan of mountains, hiking them, climbing them in all conditions, sleeping on them. Go you! Hearing all about your adventures and stories is brilliant. There’s nothing better than settling down to read a blog post or YouTube video of someone’s mountain adventures. So keep sending them my way so I can have a read or watch!

Not Ready or Have the Right Fitness

This was a big factor to why I didn’t hike Snowdon. I am not fit enough to complete that hike properly. Yes, I could probably get up there but it would come at a struggle and cost me my enjoyment of it. I don’t have the greatest of feet, knees or back. This can cause hikes to be a struggle for me and at times become a bit painful. I am also not the fittest person out there. It is something that needs working on a lot, so by doing shorter hikes and increasing slowly to more challenging routes, is the best way to do this. Even the easier routes up Snowdon are challenging. So by not being in a condition and fitness level, I am comfortable with, I can be putting myself and anyone hiking with me at risk. I will be building up my hikes slowly and increase my fitness levels as I go. Then one day will come back and tackle one of the Snowdon routes, not is just not the right time.

Why I didn't hike Snowdon - Wildflower garden with the river in the background

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Prefer Waterscapes

This ties in with me not being a fan of climbing mountains. I would rather be by the water. Any sort of water; rivers, lakes, reservoirs and of course my favourite, the sea. I didn’t hike Snowdon because I wanted to go paddle in Bala Lake. I didn’t get to swim as we were short on time but a little dip was lovely and refreshing. Everyone has their preference for the outdoors and what they enjoy. Some will do anything to get that mountain views, others farmland trails are what they walk and then those who enjoy hiding amongst the trees in a local wood. It’s great that we all have different likes and because of that, we can all discover new places to explore and share with others.  If I cannot be in the water I will be near it. So if you know of any other waterscape in Wales or the South West let me know in the comments.

Wales isn’t Just Snowdon

I find that there is quite a bit of pressure to hike Snowdon. Its one of the biggest mountains in the UK, it’s a huge achievement to get to the summit. However Wales is much more than just 1 mountain, there are loads of other mountains, many lakes and forests to go and hike around instead. Then don’t forget the stunning coastlines that grace the edge of Wales. I understand that Snowdon is one of the most advertised and well-known attractions, but don’t overlook what else is around the area you are in. Due to the weather not being great and the above reasons, Joe and I got to try out some of the other attractions. As I didn’t hike Snowdon, I got to try the Zip World experiences, all of which gave us a chance to see a few different areas of Snowdonia. The trip to Bala Lake gave us a different area of the national park and a new experience.

Why I didn't hike Snowdon - A rock splashing into a river with green fields and hilly forest in the background

It is Your Adventure

Defining your own adventure is the key part to this post.  On the other side to the pressure to hike Snowdon is the pressure to not hike it. I find when talking to some hiking/outdoor groups on Facebook, you never get the recommendations that you are looking for. Often its just other people questioning your motives “Why are you hiking up there”, “ Go elsewhere”. Those sort of responses do not help anyone and certainly don’t give me the confidence to hike. It should be your decision where you hike or where you don’t hike.  So when planning your adventures just remember that it is YOUR adventure. Not your friends, not your work colleagues and certainly not those people on Facebooks adventure. Choose your path and change it as many times as you want, just go for it and experience the best adventure that you want!

If you are going to head up to hike Snowdon have a fantastic trip but don’t forget to schedule a few extra days into your adventure, to explore the rest of Snowdonia!

See you next time and happy adventuring!

Jo x

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  1. 30/08/2018 / 7:20 pm

    I love this post Jo, especially the message “it’s your adventure”. That’s so true! Wales is such a beautiful place, it’s not just all about Snowdon. Bala Lake looks so pretty and peaceful, it looks like a lovely place to discover. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, it’s refreshing that you are all about following your own path and not just the well-trodden tourist routes. Fab post! 💖 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    • Jo
      31/08/2018 / 10:40 pm

      There was so much pressure to climb Snowdon and to not climb Snowdon and climb another mountain. It became so overwhelming and hard to decided what to do. Wales is a stunning country with many brilliant places to explore that aren’t a mountain! I find it so exciting reading about others not so well known adventures and discovering new places I wouldn’t have otherwise thought about visiting. We all have our own journeys and footpaths to follow 💜
      Thank you for reading Bexa!
      Jo xx

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