Everyday Mindfulness With Surf Girl Magazine

It is so easy to get caught up in the madness of everyday life. So when Surf Girl Magazine approached me to contribute to an everyday mindfulness article, I couldn’t wait to get writing.

As my first collaboration, article contribution published writing (whichever you would call it ) as a blogger I was very excited to be given the chance. To work alongside any brand I had an interest in was a blogging goal of mine this year. Let alone to be given an opportunity by my favourite magazine. Once I got over the excitement and nerves, I focused on the task at hand. How I incorporate mindfulness in my everyday life as a blogger. Everyone interprets mindfulness differently and as a blogger, it can be difficult to have technology free mindful moments.

So this piece of writing got me to really reflect on how much of an impact that technology has on my life. I use my laptop, phone and cameras all the time, sharing my whole life online. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love to share my adventures with you all. However, it can become very easy to get sucked into the screen. A priority of mine is to make sure I have time to switch off. Head outside. Take in what’s going on around me.

Being Present

That’s why I take off to the outside world. To become present in the world. Find somewhere where you can feel everything, from the wind and rain to the soil and sand. There is a whole host of feeling and senses that you can use to refocus you. Try leaving your phone at home and head out to your favourite place. You’ll start to realise how much goes on and how peaceful it can be to focus on being in the moment. I love heading down to the beach. I go for a paddle, usually getting my trousers soaked at the same time… Search for shells, pick up some plastic and watch others rush around me.

Being outside can be brilliant for your mental health and mindfulness. I touch more on this side of the outdoor world in my blog post on the benefits on being outside. Another place I enjoy to be present is in a coffee shop. You can sit there, savour your drinks and watch as all those who are glued to the screens and bumping into the world wander past. It is quite intriguing as it feels like your time slows down. Take a deep breath and enjoy it.

Me Time

Everyday mindfulness is all about bringing those little moments into your day to day life. Finding time for yourself is hard, however, it has become a must do for me. It might sound selfish but if you don’t you’ll never be able to find the time. You need to make the time. In such a busy world it often isn’t a priority, we all burn out eventually though.

So in order to keep yourself going, make sure to take a mindful moment for yourself. An hour yoga session, a hot bath or an evening with your favourite TV show and a chocolate bar. It will do you a whole world of good to just focus and pamper yourself. A little bit of me-time can help build your confidence, refocus you and you’ll feel like you can take on the world!

Featured in the Freedom Issue of Surf Girl (July 2018 issue) is a section on going slow and bringing mindfulness into your everyday world. Samara Zelniker, founder of Mindfulness Matters, Emma Jaulin, yoga teacher and podcaster, and myself share what mindfulness is to us in our everyday lives. I’ve loved reading Samara and Emma’s contributions. Some great mindful inspiration there. If you get a chance to read the article, I hope you enjoy reading this piece as much as I enjoyed writing it!

I have focused on the points I have mentioned above. Also that it can be hard to switch off in such a technological age we live in. Samara, Emma and myself all talk about being outside surrounded by nature in our articles. It has such an impact on everyone just spending time being out and about. What do you think? Does the natural world have an effect on your everyday mindfulness?

So to finish off you can get the latest copy of Surf Girl Magazine right here. Plenty of fantastic photos, articles and information on the female surfing world right now!

Have you got any ways of everyday mindfulness that you incorporate into your life?

See you next time and happy adventuring!

Jo x

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