Ideas For A Weeknight Adventure

The nights are drawing out, evenings are lighter and (in theory) the weather is getting warmer and sunnier. This means only one thing; time for a weeknight adventure!

There is nothing better than getting back from work and knowing that I can go spend some time outside. It’s a great opportunity to work on key adventure skills or explore the local area more. Here are several suggestions on what you could do for a weeknight adventure;

Longer Hikes/Walks

The lighter evenings means there is no excuse to head out to your local footpaths and go for a long walk. During the winter weeknights we tend to go for a quick walk around the block and head in, mostly due to the cold and dark evenings. I am looking forward to walking along the cliffs between Exmouth and Sandy Bay over the next few weeks. Being able to pull on my hiking boots and head out of an evening gives me an opportunity to see more of my local area, as I cannot stray too far. Here are a few of my hikes I have done recently, in case you are looking for any ideas!

Picnic or BBQ

Take your dinner outside! Everyone loves a good picnic, there’s something about eating outside that I think makes me hungrier.. and that the food tastes fresher. Yummy strawberries while sitting under a tree. A BBQ  is another summer staple. Get everyone together and get cooking on the barbie.

Roller Skating

If you are going to try something new this summer I’d recommend roller skating. Its a great feeling skating along the seafront, also you have to admit it looks pretty cool too. Its just as beneficial for you as running, just less impact on your knees (which is why its perfect for me!) Fun way to get out and enjoy the summer weather. Any smooth path will get you going, in the photo below this is following the track along the Exeter Canal. It’s a bit quicker too so once you get the hang of it you can go flying along the paths, covering a larger distance.

Wild Swimming

At the moment I believe it is not quite swimsuit temperatures in the U.K. seas. Unless you are a very brave person! If you love being in the water then this is the weeknight adventure for you Grab your wetsuit and dive straight into the local waters. There are loads of lakes, rivers and sea are to go for a wild swim in. The sun warms up the water a tiny bit if that makes the chill feel any better, however, the blast of chilly water is good for the system. Don’t forget to share some of your favourite swimming places in the comments.

Practice Bushcraft

This is something Joe loves to do, head into his grandparents garden, hang his hammock up and start making a small fire. Using the lovely dry evenings to practice skills such as fire making, shelter building and outdoor cooking. All things that can be done in your back garden. Lately, I have been reading ‘The Girl Outdoors’ book which has some great camp meals to try such as stews and smores.

Bike Ride

With loads of cycle tracks all over the country, there are plenty of opportunities to dust off your bike. You can cover longer distances in an evening which enjoying the scenery. I quite enjoy choosing a turning point at a nice pub, for some food and maybe a pint, before heading home. You could make your cycle journey even longer by cycling to work then leave work straight onto your weeknight adventure. One of my favourite cycle tracks is part of the Camel Trail between Padstow and Wadebridge.

Garden Camp Out/Wild Camp

Another great weeknight adventure is a garden camp out or a wild camp. The little kids (and big kids!) will particularly love a garden camp out. You do not have to go far for an adventure. Pitch up the tent and count the stars from your back garden. It’s also a great opportunity for those with new kit to test them out before taking them out into the great outdoors. If you want to stray further afield try wild camping there are some areas, like Dartmoor where it is okay to wild camp or try finding a wild camping campsite. Embrace the outdoors and get away from the hustle and bustle by sleeping in the open under the stars.

Watch The Sunset

Really simple and easy way to get outside in the evening. Even if it’s been a long and tiring day, by getting outside and watching the sunset can make your day feel brighter and you’re making the most of the light nights too. I love finding a spot on the top of the cliff to just sit, watch and listen. Sit on the grass, watch the orange sky and listen to the waves. Where do you go to watch the sunset?

So these are a few ideas for a weeknight adventure when it’s lighter and drier after work. Are there any other ideas which you have that I’ve missed? If so be sure to share what weeknight adventures you have planned in the comments below.

See you next time and happy adventuring!

Jo x

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  1. 05/05/2018 / 1:56 am

    I love this entry so much! I used to roller skate when I was younger and would love to get back into it again 🙂

    cabin twenty-four

    • Jo
      06/05/2018 / 11:56 am

      I’m so glad to of started roller skating it’s a great activity, I am finding many roller discos popping up everywhere, maybe it’s time for you to give it a go again! 😊 Thank you for reading
      Jo x

  2. 06/05/2018 / 9:55 am

    Wow. It was just amazing to read this experience

    • Jo
      06/05/2018 / 11:57 am

      Thank you for reading! I hope there are some ideas here for you to try 😊

  3. 07/05/2018 / 6:09 pm

    mmm this post was so inspiring and I have never heard of ‘bushcraft’ before but now that I have, I want to try making my own fire! This was such a good read x

    • Jo
      08/05/2018 / 1:42 pm

      There are loads of bushcraft or wilderness survival skills to learn, but making a fire I think has to be one of the most fun! Good luck with your fires ☺️
      Jo x

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