A Snowy Micro-Adventure

Snow! Snow in Devon! Now that doesn’t happen very often.

If you live in the U.K, watch the news or have seen twitter you might have realised that here in the U.K we have had snow. Now for a lot of countries, this isn’t a big deal, you get a lot of snow and know how to handle it. However here in the U.K, it doesn’t happen that often. Let alone here in Devon in the South West. So when snow hits, all hell breaks loose. Tesco’s is raided of all its milk and bread. The roads become impassable and some people feel it’s the end of the world.

Snowy Micro Adventure - orcombe point, exmouth in the snow

The internet becomes the funniest place at this time, so many funny photos and videos of whats going on. However some good does come out of it, communities have pulled together to help each other out of problems, those with 4×4’s have offered lifts to those who need them.

I am someone who isn’t that keen on the snow, but this year I have enjoyed the short bout of snow and spent as much time as possible in it. I have both Thursday and Friday off from work, so it was perfect to get some snowy micro-adventures in!

Thursday’s Snowy Micro-Adventure

I kitted up in many layers of clothing, my trusty hiking boots, buff and snow gloves. All warm and ready to tackle the non-stop falling snow. Joe and I headed out in the direction of Orcombe Point. I had heard that there were some pretty cool icicles hanging from the cliffs.

Snowy Micro Adventure in exmouth devon

Off we headed, down to the seafront. The snow was so dry it was a powder, not sticking much to my boots and great fun to kick around too. When we arrived at the beach it was low tide, which meant it completely covered in snow. It looked beautiful, the sea lapping at the white powder, quite the different picture to your usual sunny beach day. There weren’t many ice creams being served on that day! The oddest thing about it though was walking on it, your boots sunk through the snow and straight into the sand. Walking along the beach kicking up snow and sand, almost like mixing the flour and brown sugar in a cake. Very odd combination.

Snowy Micro Adventure beach huts in the snow in exmouth

Nevertheless, we continued on walking along the seafront path, making snowballs and waiting for the right time to launch them at each other as we went. Then just past the lifeboat station, I saw a photo I just had to take. The brightly coloured beach huts standing proud against the untouched snow. Reaching Orcombe Point you could see these huge icicles hanging off the side of the cliff.

On our way back there was just enough time to make some snow angels before rushing back to have that all important hot chocolate.

Friday’s Snowy Micro-Adventure

We headed out again as everything had completely frozen over. It was all encased in a layered ice, everything from the plants to my car. Just fascinating. This time our walk took us in the opposite direction towards the marina. The snow was covered with a layer of ice which made it crunchy to walk on. Joe made the most of this trying to make as much noise as possible and walking on the untouched parts of the path.

Snowy Micro Adventure - leaf icicle

There were icicles everywhere, hanging off the signs, the railings and lamp posts. The marina was cold but cheerful. The colourful buildings surrounding the icy ground and as we walked through to the other side and onto Exmouth Quay the snow slowly disappeared. The high tide had come in and swept away the snow from the beach, revealing the lovely sand. Heading back now as our snowy micro-adventure has come to an end. Time to dry the walking boots out by the fire ready for the next adventure. You can see more photos from my snowy micro-adventure on my instagram: Mindfuladvblog

Snowy Micro Adventure snowy exmouth quay

There’s something about micro-adventures like these that I love, just an hour or two, getting outside and enjoying the area I live in. This is one of the many reasons why I spend time outdoors, it’s great to see it snowy, it makes the whole town look completely different. I am glad it has gone now though as it brings us a step closer to that spring weather. Not long until the clocks go back and those light evenings give us all time to get outside in the evening.

Did you have any snow around you? If so did you get out and enjoy it? Share your snowy micro-adventures with us all below!

See you next time and happy adventuring!

Jo x

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  1. You took some beautiful photos of those snowy days – I especially like the one of the colourful beach huts in their blanket of snow.
    We had loads of snow here in Ireland too. Unlike your beach though, the Irish Sea was insanely stormy – truly wild!

    • Jo
      12/03/2018 / 9:05 pm

      Thank you very much! It was an oddly wonderful feeling photographing a snowy beach. Oh wow, I bet it was amazing watching the rough seas. Amazing photo chances too!


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