Finding Your Confidence For Adventure

So many new activities to try and places to visit. Some harder to try than others, and guess what? This is perfectly okay.

Looking back at some of the new things that I have tried over the past year. I have realised that I have more confidence and courage that I first thought. I’m quite nervous about trying anything new and my biggest fears when it comes to challenges is falling and/or not having control. I am a lot more comfortable when I know the situation and have full control over what is going to happen to me. Then falling is something that stops me from just doing that activity. A prime example would be that I have been climbing for a while now, but every time I get to the top of that wall I still have a slight panic about falling. Also when bouldering I can get up the route, but if I get stuck or cannot lower myself down, that is when I start to panic. I guess these two fears are combined, if I am falling, I have lost control over the situation.

These thoughts knock my confidence.

Confidence is very much needed for adventure. Having that belief in yourself and your abilities give you many ideas and allow you to tackle whatever problem there is head on. So to tackle my fear, and get more confidence, I have been trying different activities that involve falling and trying to not control what I am doing as much. This is easier said than done. Everyone has to find the confidence within them to attempt the adventure that lies ahead. Making that decision to go solo travelling, to complete that skydive, or to hike that distance, all takes wonderous amounts of confidence.

If you are looking to explore somewhere new or try something different, but you are lacking in confidence. Here are a few of my ways to find your confidence and give it a go!

Take Someone With You

Its always easier when you have someone with you. Take your partner, best friend, sibling, anyone who would love a challenge and to try something new. It’s a great way to share that experience and you’ll be making memories with that someone too! Win, win right? You can encourage each other and talk each other into doing the task. I always take my partner, Joe, with me, he always encourages me to just take on the challenge and does not let me back myself out of trying or attempting at least part of this new activity. This gives me that confidence to take the next step. Last year we tried paddle boarding, I was nervous but we did it and it’s now one of our favourite hobbies! You can read all about trying this amazing sport: Stand Up Paddle Boarding: First Experiences

 Paddleboarding Exmouth summer day watersports

Aim To Do Something New Every Month

Be consistent in trying new things. This year I am aiming to try something new every month, that’s only 12 days a year. So far this year I have already tried snowboarding this year. Now that was pretty scary to me. Going backwards down a slippery slope with kids on skis cutting across you is enough to make any beginner nervous. However I did it, managed to get a fair few times with the help of the instructors, and it felt pretty good to achieve this. I discovered that the hardest part was strapping the board to your feet without falling over! I think skiing will be my next snow adventure challenge, it looks a bit more like skating…. Even if you don’t enjoy or want to continue with that adventure then at least you had a good go at it!

Keep Practising

Once you find something that you enjoy doing then keep at it! This is something that I find hard to do. I fall in love with climbing then struggle to find the time to go climbing. When I am climbing regularly my confidence and trust build, then my ability grows. However, as I don’t climb much at the moment I know that my worries of falling will come back. So if you find something helps you to grow your confidence as well as tackling that fear, then stick at it! You’ll get there and smash that fear!

Have An Incentive To Complete The Challenge

If my plan is to do something that I find scary, sometimes having an incentive can push you to tackle that fear. Plan a treat, if you find your confidence then reward yourself with your favourite food, a relaxing pamper day, some new outdoor gear or whatever you fancy. This can encourage you to take that next step to complete the hike, climb and jump. I often find a find if I have paid a lot to try something new then I am more inclined to give it a go. The same if I have been gifted an experience. Later this year I will be doing the Titan Zip Wire at Zip World. I am totally terrified of zip wires. I don’t know why, but I have never liked them. However as it is part of a gift, I am going to give it a go. Hopefully, it will change my mind about zip wires!

There are many ways which you can build your confidence for the next adventure. It’s fantastic when you just go for it and once it’s completed you’re just so pleased, excited and somewhat relieved.

So tell me, what’s the next adventure you’re going to achieve?

See you next time and happy adventuring!

Jo x

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  1. Suffering Wanderlust
    15/02/2018 / 10:15 pm

    I really enjoyed reading your post, and I love that you talk so openly about the things that scare you. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jo
      15/02/2018 / 10:46 pm

      I love sharing information such as what scares me, I hope that it might give someone something to relate to in my posts. I’m thrilled that you picked up on it! Thank you for reading 😀
      Jo x

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