Introducing Evie – Our Campervan Conversion Part Two

5 beaches, 3 adventures and only once stuck in the mud!

It has been an interesting and exciting few months since we first brought our weekend home, Evie. If you have not already met Evie it might be worth catching up on part one of Meet Evie, Our Campervan Conversion. Before carrying on to the next part of the conversion.

After kitting out the campervan with our new bed we decided to test it out. So we back up and travelled about 400yards down the road to Exmouth seafront where we camped out for our first weekend. Find out all about it in my post, Summer in Exmouth.

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It was great and we were loving having everything we needed there in the van with us. It was a fab feeling sitting there with the doors open to a view of the beach. Reading the latest Surf Girl mag and watching the tides change.

There was only one problem. Joe was slightly to tall to lie in the campervan width ways. I suggested chopping his feet off sone would fit. Joe wasn’t too keen on this idea… I can’t think why, but ah well. Onto the next plan, redesigning the campervans layout.

Lets get to work

Our next move was to take the bed out and start redesigning how the bed worked and where it was going to be placed.


We looked at various designs from beds that are seats and a table in the day to rock’n’roll beds. The budget for our campervan conversion is pretty tiny so all rock’ ‘roll bed ideas were out the window. We settled on a sliding bed that we could push the bed back into a seat during the day. It would also allow us more floor space when in seat mode.

As the campervan was empty we decided to strip out the old flooring. It was getting tatty and ripped, so needed replacing. Also, some floor needed blocking up with wood where the seats used to be. As Joe got to work on making his bed frame, I set about stipping the floor, giving it a good clean and getting the new flooring cut out and fitted.

Campervan conversion

The flooring was a wooden design which looked really smart once fitted. It was also a lot thicker than the last vinyl flooring which gave us extra insulation for those colder times.

After much trial and error, the bed was complete. Complete with planks slotted together and a runner to stop the slats from falling down. We also added a piece of MDF to the end of the bed. This makes it look neater but also lifts up with 2 fold-down legs to make the bed that little bit longer.

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The bed was positioned behind the driver’s seat and extended out towards the back of the van, this allowed for plenty of space to move the bed/sofa in and out, but still have room to move around.

We then headed out for our next 2 adventures!

First, we took Evie to North Devon for the bank holiday weekend: SUP Weekend in Devon Part 1, SUP Weekend in Devon Part 2.

Then a few weeks later we headed for our longest adventure yet; 6 days in Cornwall and you can find out what we got up here. 6 Days in Cornwall – The Itinerary

Do you have a campervan? If so are you still playing around with the layout and furniture or did you know what you wanted from the get-go?

UPDATE! The third installment of Meet Evie – Our Campervan Conversion is complete. Come have a read of the latest work weā€™ve done.

See you next time and happy adventuring!

Jo x

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