My Key Adventure Kit

Every time you go travelling or on an adventure, there are that key adventure kit that you always reach for to take with you.

It may be a gadget, some sort of snack or your favourite trusty walking boots. The essential item which we feel lost without when out and about.

This week I am going to share my go-to, key adventure kit

Action Camera/GoPro

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I don’t know what I’d do without my GoPro, it is my favourite way to capture the action that happens on our adventures. The waterproof casing that comes with it, means we can film while snorkelling and capture the world from a different viewpoint. I love how small the GoPro is, makes it easy to pack and there are loads of accessories to go with it too, making it a very versatile piece of adventure kit. The picture quality is good and with the wide-angle lens means you will never miss the action in your photos and videos.

Hiking Boots


A good pair of boots will get you far. My Hi Gear boots do a good job of keeping my feet happy and comfy when hiking. I struggle to find shoes that I can comfortably walk all day in, these have nice ankle support and a thick sole to give a comfy and supported step. My only problem is that I enjoy splashing in puddles or the sea likes to catch me by surprise and these boots are not water submerged proof! Having said that I can last all day hiking in them, they survive the endless amount of sand and mud that gets on them and give me a good grip when scrambling over rocks on Dartmoor.

Sturdy Backpack


A lot of my travelling is done in the UK where always carrying a coat is essential no matter the weather predictions. So a good sized, sturdy backpack is handy for carrying jackets, water, snacks and cameras. I have an Animal backpack, its a good size with a 23-litre capacity that includes a top compartment for phone and keys, padded laptop slot and a front pocket for those items that need to be reached quickly. The multicoloured design is pretty and makes the bag stand out. The bag is ideal for a day out but if you’re wanting a rucksack for a night’s wild camping then you will definitely need a larger rucksack.

Wetsuit Boots


My wetsuit boots are a must-have for any adventure, especially if I am going anywhere near water. I love spending time in the sea, swimming, SUP boarding and paddling along when on a walk. As I mentioned my walking boots aren’t quite submerge-proof and these boots are! They are a Gul powerboot and I find these boots are comfy and keep my toes really warm when I’m in the sea. They have a Velcro band at the top that you can tighten the boot around your leg. This is helpful for when I’m not wearing a wetsuit and need to keep the boot on better.

Overboard Phone Case


My phone is so important whenever I go away, not only is it good for photos but handy for those I got lost moments and for contacting anyone if we had a problem. So when we are out in the water I invested in a waterproof phone case. The Overboard phone case I have is brilliant. It allows my phone to stay dry in this case but its also usable and fully functional while in the case.

I use the case mostly as an extra precaution as everything is stored in a drybag bum bag, you can never be too careful! It is colourful and easy to use, we even got a 2nd one to store our keys in too! Word of warning, don’t store the bag in the bum bag with a can of sun cream, I am not sure why we thought it was a good idea, but when the can explodes it’s not a good idea….


Adventure Kit Conclusion

These are my key items that I never go on an adventure without. They are all helpful items that make my trips easier and help me to enjoy exploring even more. I have an endless list of other items that are important however this blog post would be too long if we included them all!

What’s your key adventure kit to take while exploring or travelling?

See you next time and happy adventuring!

Jo x

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Please note: I am not sponsored by any of the brands above. This is my personal kit that I use and own, the opinions above are my my personal opinions only. For further information please see my disclosure page.

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