#Tentlife VS #Vanlife

I love going away on the weekends, there is so much beauty in the UK that I have left yet to explore.

The traditional tent is a staple piece of kit when it comes to holidays and mini adventures. Although the camper is starting to become a favourite for us weekend wanders.

Up until recently when Joe and I went away we would camp, but if you’ve caught up on my other blog posts you’ll know we now have Evie our camper van to sleep in on our adventures.

We are pretty smitten with our camper van. This is not to say we won’t go camp again because we will, there’s a special adventurous feeling that you get whenever you wake up in a tent, reminds me of my DofE expedition!


I have been thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of tent camping vs the advantages and disadvantages of camper van-ing (is that even a word?). So with that let’s look at some of the Pros and Cons to #tentlife vs #vanlife

Pitching up

When you first get to that campsite you’ve got to pitch up. You spend some time choosing the perfect spot then unload the car and start pitching up. The advantage to the tent here is once you get that tent up it is up and not going anywhere. Whereas if you have just a van the next morning when you drive away anyone else can help themselves to your perfect spot. Also with the van you just park up and are pretty much done, as your van is your tent. No gassing around with poles or tent pegs. Having said that there are some pretty cool air tents now that inflate up in a matter of minutes!

When we go away with the van we have a small storage tent. Pitch this up and position the van where best, add some windbreaks for privacy and to secure a large pitch and voila! We can drive away the next day and still come back to the same spot.


Storage & Space

You might think that a camper van has more storage space, and in some peoples arguments it’s true, everything has its own little home there’s plenty of built-in drawers and other storage areas. However, that’s not the case in every van. We find it quite hard to store everything we need in a way that’s accessible.

A tent though you can lay out everything where ever it needs to be and just grab the bag that is it in without all the rummaging around in drawers. Tents are also great for families, they have more space for people to sleep in and some tents can have other tents joined to them so everyone can camp together! A van would be a squeeze for a family, you’d need a much larger van than our Vivaro and with a bigger van can come with more expenses.

Wild Camping

Now, this is something that you can’t really do in a van. Pack all your kit up in a large rucksack, go off on a hike, get back to basics and camp out under the stars. Tents are brilliant for this, a small 1 man or 2 man tent packs itself nicely in your rucksack, is easy to set up and can be pitched anywhere you wanted. A van? Not really basic, too big and kind of defeats the object of wild camping.


Both tents and vans have their pros and cons. Wild camping is something we are planning to do next year and are super excited to pitch that tent with a beautiful view to wake up to. However, I love Evie and being able to have everything ready to go for a spontaneous adventure is really handy. Also having a mini home on wheels is everything we wanted!

Let me know which you prefer? The #tentlife or the #vanlife?
Or do you prefer hotels or hostels?
Let me know in the comments!

See you next time and happy adventuring!

Jo x

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