Sandbanks SUP Style Review

A few months ago I gave the sport of paddle boarding ( SUP ) a go and fell in love with it.


However I am not here to talk about that, you can find out all about my first experiences with the world of paddle boarding in the blog post I wrote a few weeks back. Today I am here to share my thoughts on my paddle board.

I spent a lot of time researching various boards and companies in the UK that provide start-up packages. I had decided that an inflatable board was the best way to go. They are easy to pack, can fit into a car boot and be transported by rucksack to wherever you wanted to paddle.

I stumbled across Sandbanks SUP Style and was instantly attracted to their range of boards. They were colourful, inflatable and affordable, they do boards for kids and adults including their elite range and a touring board. A business ran by watersport enthusiasts who want to make paddleboarding accessible to us all. You can find them at


The Yoga Elite Paddle Board

After much umming and ahhing, I decided I was going to have one of the Elite board packages until I rang the company and discovered that they had 1 of the Elite Yoga boards in stock! I was thrilled about this! The online store said they were out of stock so it is always good to ring up and ask whats in stock!

The board itself is blue and white in colour with a black dolphin, person in lotus pose and a yin and yang symbol on the top of the board going down the middle. The board itself is extra wide to give it extra stability, it also allows for a wide thick yoga mat build into the top of the board. It is really soft on your feet but has great grip when getting into that downward dog pose.


The board was part of a package that included a removable fin, leash, paddle, pump and rucksack. This is the perfect starter pack as it gets you all set up and ready to paddle. Just inflate and go. I particularly like the rucksack. It can fit the board and all accessories in it including the pump, it has strong straps and a waist strap so it stays secure and evenly distributes the weight across your back.

Price is a big factor to what board I bought, Sandbanks SUP Style sold their boards at half the price of other retailers. After talking to them I found out that this is because they are an online store and have no overheads to add to their costs. As well as only distributing from their base in Poole so no retail distribution costs are added to the total price.

When dealing with the company they were friendly and very helpful. They were fast to process my order and get it shipped just in time for our North Devon SUP Weekend.

I have had so many adventures on my SUP board and many more adventures to come!


Do you have a SUP board? If so who did you get it off and why? It’s always interesting to see everyone’s favourite paddle board brands/companies.

P.S if you want to see what Sandbanks SUP Style have available their website is! Also be sure to mention you were referred to Sandbanks SUP Style by Joanna Cale.

See you next time and happy adventuring!

Jo x

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