SUP Weekend in North Devon – Part Two

Here is part 2 to my guide and story of our bank holiday weekend away to North Devon. If you haven’t read part one you can catch up there : SUP Weekend in North Devon – Part One

Sunday – Coombe Martin

Up and off we went on Sunday morning a bit further north to Coombe Martin. This small harbour town is lovely to paddle board or kayak around. You will find several places where you can hire kayaks and paddle boards for a few hours and head off to explore the various coves around the area.


A word of warning especially to any fellow campervan drivers, the car parks are very tight! We were looking in the overflow car park and sadly the last space was nicked by the car in front. The area was not wide enough for us to turn the van around, so we had to reverse all the way back down into the main car park (it was a matter of inches from the back ends of the other parked cars!! Talk about nerve wracking)

Once we parked up we got the paddle boards inflated and took to the water! The tide was on its way out, the beach and sea full of families swimming and playing.

The sea was a little choppy, the sun was shining and the vibes were beautiful. We paddled in between the rocks and took breaks exploring the coves that were emerging with the change of tides.




After 3 hours of paddling we de-kitted out of wetsuits and headed into town for ice cream! A staple food on holiday of course. As the tide had gone so far out we were now able to follow the path to the far side of the beach.


We walked around all the rock pools, that were huge and pretty deep too. Could even see little schools of tiny fish! We also found a cave which we had to explore before we left.


For our evening meal we went back to the fish and chip shop we went to on Friday as it has a restaurant at the back. Again the food was super yummy and well priced too. Before settling for the evening we had hot chocolates and a campfire to burn the boxes our paddle boards were in!

Monday morning we coaxed the van into life and headed home to get ready to tackle the rest of the week.

You don’t have the good without the bad

Let’s be honest with you on every trip you have there are the ups and the downs, it was no different with this trip. On the Saturday Evie didn’t want to start after our day at the beach. As it was late in the evening I spent a while looking for someone who could give us a jump start, thanks to the guys who did help us out! Poorly Evie then picked various times to start and other times to be dead through out our trip. Once we coaxed her back home we now have her fixed and back on the road! It’s all part of the adventure!


Weekend Conclusion

North Devon is a great place to get away no matter who you are. For families there are some huge sandy beaches to enjoy and plenty of towns to dine in or explore. Then for those SUP and and Surfers North Devon coastline is fabulous for Surfing. You have plenty of options to find good surf including Croyde and Woolacoombe.

My favourite part of our time in North Devon was taking the time to paddle around the coves. To see the coastline from a different perspective will always be something I love, and coming from between some rocks to see the staggeringly huge cliffs covered in grasses, various rock formations and sea caves leaves you in awe.


I hope you have enjoyed this two part story guide and learnt a little bit about North Devon. We cannot wait to go back up to that stretch of Coast again next year, oh and claim our surf lesson too!


Share with me your adventures in Devon or any of the ups and downs you have on your adventures!

See you next time and happy adventuring!

Jo x

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  1. 27/03/2018 / 5:35 pm

    Stand up Paddle boarding is high on my bucket list, it looks like great fun and a lovely way to see places.

    • Jo
      01/04/2018 / 8:59 pm

      It’s a great way to see places, as it gives you a different perspective from what we usually see when out walking or cycling. You can also discover new places too, as some awesome beach coves can only be reached by the water and stand up paddle boarding is the best way to get to them! I hope you enjoy it when you get to give it a go šŸ™‚
      Jo x

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