Stand Up Paddle Boarding – First Experiences

Stand Up Paddle boarding and Rollerskating, my perfect combo for exploring land and ocean.

After watching a few people paddle boarding around Exmouth I knew instantly that I wanted a go. On our weekend in Dorset we decided to give paddleboarding a try, booking onto a taster session with Jurassic Coast Activities at Lulworth Cove. This was soon followed by hiring some boards with Edge Watersports in Exmouth. Finally I caved and brought two paddleboards that we first tried out last weekend in North Devon.


So let’s start with the first two experiences: Lulworth Cove and Exmouth.

Paddle boarding at Lulworth Cove

This was where the love started. Yes I wasn’t very good at standing up. Yes I fell in more than anyone else. Yes I did spent most of the session Knee Paddle boarding and not stand up paddle boarding.


However it was such great fun, there was a small group of 4 of us bobbing up and down on the waves. Trying to get our heads around what side of the paddle goes in first and how to keep our balance as the waves got choppier. I found I could get more power behind my strokes when kneeling down and travelled faster, which was a great feeling. The cove was a beautiful drop back to this lesson that has quickly become a hobby.

I will say this though, it’s tough. All those photos of people relaxed and gliding on calm water with ease is a lie. Okay, well it’s not a lie but it’s a dream at the moment. It’s hard work on your arms to keep paddling, for a long time, if you are knee paddling your ankles go all funny when you go to stand up… I couldn’t feel mine, had to check they were still there…

(Nope sorry! No funny photos or videos of my falling in, no go pro with us)

Board Hire in Exmouth

As I mentioned earlier and in my post, Summer In Exmouth, Joe and I hired paddle board in Exmouth close to where we live. For Ā£25 each we hired a board and paddle for up to 3 hours from Edge Watersports.

I managed to get the hang of standing! Yay! The estuary was so calm and still that I found my balance and was actually stand up paddleboarding. All that yoga I have been working on is paying off even more now.

We crossed from one side of the estuary to the other, as well as travelled up half way to the Exe floating cafe and back. It was a lovely afternoon, I got to practice crossing small currents and turning what with a lot of boats bobbing around us.

New Paddleboards and Paddling around North Devon

After looking at the prices of hiring boards for long periods of times and the amount of times we want to be paddling, we decided to invest in our own boards.


Much research and browsing later and we found our boards! The beauties in the photo above are from Sandbanks Sup Style based in Poole, Dorset. The red board is Joes board it’s the red elite performance board, mine is the blue and white board. This board is there e Yoga Elite board. More info on these boards in a few weeks time!

The boards arrived the day we were off to North Devon, talk about perfect timing. They were tested the next day at Saunton Sands, where we got a bit of SUP surfing in! The feeling you get when you catch that wave is awesome, I’ve never surfed before so it was great to even catch the small waves.

Our next outing was at Coombe Martin the next day, and wow. It was the most enjoyable paddle boarding experience I’ve had yet. Paddling out of that cove and into the open sea, bobbing up and down lots making our way to various different coves to explore. The paddling itself was slightly easier this time as I was more used to it, and the water was fairly calm. Again this time I stuck to my knees, as we were going a fair distance and I wouldn’t of been the calmest if I fell in the deep sea! It’s all about baby steps. Paddle boarding is a journey that is all about the travelling and growth with yourself.


So far I am loving my paddle board and heading out for a paddle. It is a great activity for all the family as anyone can give paddle boarding a go, it can also be done in a variety of places from the sea to the canals to lakes and rivers. No matter where you go there will be someone where near by to go paddle. Thats one of the many reasons why it’s one of the fastest growing watersports in the UK!

So if you get a chance go and try paddle boarding. Then come back and share your experience with me. If you already have tried paddle boarding or are a seasoned paddleboarder share your experiences and advice for us newbies to the paddle boarding world below!

See you next time and happy adventuring!

Jo x

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