Introducing Evie – Our Campervan Conversion

It’s always been a dream of Joes and I to have a campervan and go on loads of adventures in it.

That dream has started coming true!


A few weeks back I spotted a van on my route to work, after many days of debate, Joe saw it and decided that it was the one. Jump forward day or two and Evie was now ours!

Evie is a 2005 Vaxhaul Vivaro with a sticker bomb wrap on the left wing and a collection of surf stickers from around the world adorning the back doors. She has become our 2nd home now and is in the process of being kitted out as our campervan.



Lets Get Started…

Evie is fully carpeted inside and already has a lino flooring, so in the lining department we are pretty sorted. So our first step was to remove the spare wheels and seats from the back to put in storage. This was followed by a clean of the floor and blimey that made such a difference to the condition and the way the back of the van looked.


Now Joe and I had a good idea of the space we were working with.Ā We played around with the space creating many ideas in our heads of what we could do with the van and the layout. After getting the air bed out to test the size and after much hand waving and debating we settled on the bed going at the end of the van above the wheel arches. This allows for storage under the bed, enough space to change at the front and to put worktops and storage on the side wall.

On a rainy Wednesday evening at Joes workplace we set to work in constructing the bed. Firstly the frame followed by the top. The top was the hardest part as the van sides are straight and bulge slightly but after much shuffling and trimming we got it to fit.



Our mattress for the bed came from Argos. It is a futon/sofa bed type mattress which can fold up into a chair then lie flat when you want to sleep on it.


Next step was to start putting out bits and pieces into it! We gathered cooking equipment, storage boxes, camping chairs, bedding and of course fairy lights (most important) and started making the van cosy.


Future Plans

Our next plan is to add a worktop and storage to the side wall, this will give us space to cook as well as store key essentials such as towels, blankets and sun cream. There are also plans to put curtains up, we have some fabric ready to go.

Do any of you have a campervan? If you converted it how did you do it?

Also any suggestions on what we can do to our van?


Come back later in the week to see our first mini adventure with Evie.

UPDATE! Here is Meet Evie – Our Campervan Conversion Part 2 is now up! Have a look at the next stages of our campervan conversion.

UPDATE 2! Part 3 of Meet Evie – Our Campervan Conversion is completed. We are ready for our next adventure

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See you next time and happy adventuring!

Jo x

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