July Favourites

July has wizzed past and we are now into August. I have loads of plans for blog posts and adventures coming up in the next few weeks, but more on that as it happens. Now July has been a month of sunny weather (for the UK), discovering new hobbies such as paddleboarding and rekindling my love for camping.

Every month I will share with you my favourite products, activities and memories.
So without further ado here is a round up of my July favourites!

Annies Village Sandals

I saw these sandals on Instagram and have wanted a pair ever since. They are handmade organic rope sandals and they are the second most gorgeous shoes I’ve owned (first have to be my Moxi Roller Skates). They have 2 styles of sandals; the lace rope sandals and the classic rope sandals. The shoes come in a range of different colour combinations, the ones I have are the Olive/Natural Classic Rope Sandals. As I struggle to find shoes that are comfy and I can last all day in, I was a little unsure as to how comfy the rope would be. As soon as I got them I tried them out and let me tell you this, I’ve been living in the since. They have come on several beach walks, shopping trips and a camping trip! They are so comfy and look fab. I will be ordering a few more pairs in other colours some time in the near future.

Annie’s Village Website


This is an activity I have now come to really enjoy, as my confidence in the sea grows I have learnt to relax and immerse myself in the water. Joe pushed me to try snorkelling when we spent a weekend in Dorset as it is something he does. I was hooked after trying it. It is so cool to swim around and see what’s under the water. My favourite part was swimming around with the fishes! They were darting around the kelp and seaweed loads of little ones and a few larger fishes. Next step is to find the other snorkel and go snorkelling together.

Billabong ‘Surf Capsule Salty Days’ Wetsuit

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To go with the swimming and snorkelling this month I purchased a wetsuit. After having a look at one of our local surf shops (Salt City in Exeter) I settled on the Salty Days wetsuit from Billabong. I like the design on this suit as it has a colourful sleeves and shoulders with a blend of yellows, blues and pinks that remind me of summer flowers. The knees are reenforced too for kneeling when surfing and paddle boarding. It is also very quick to dry, when used on our trip in Dorset, my wetsuit dried within an hour of using it, only the ends of the arms and legs were a little damp. However the best thing about it is how it feels in the water, it keeps me so warm and toasty in the chilly UK sea, I always get a bit sad when we have to get out the sea and our wetsuits.

Billabong wetsuit information

Foxy Flame Coasters

These beautiful coasters are from a close friend of mine, Ro. They are natural wood which has had pyrography carefully etched into it. Each coaster is hand designed and take plenty of dedicated time to complete. I look forward to seeing the new designs Ro comes up with in the future. The mandala coaster set I have is wonderful and will be used in plenty of future blog post photos as well as for cups and candles!

Foxy Flame Shop

Have you had any moments in July that have stood out for you? Or do you have any other July favourites?

See you next week!

Jo x

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