5 Favourite Things From My Trip To Disneyland

Disneyland. The Fairy Tale holiday

In April my boyfriend (Joe) and I went to Disneyland Paris on a short break, this was our first holiday together, so combined with it being both our 21st birthdays this year it was a pretty special all out holiday!

Below are my 5 favourite things from this magical trip.


  1. Crush’s Coaster

    This was by far my favourite ride to go on! The ride is based on the Finding Nemo character Crush the Sea Turtle and the East Australian Current. Sitting in the shell of the Sea Turtles you are plunged into the darkness going up, down and all around the deep ocean. It is great fun, a ride where you scream and laugh at the same time. I could of gone on this rides loads of times… if it wasn’t for the 80 minute queue.

  2. The 25th Annivesary Glowtini

    Now this was one awesome drink, a lovely cool fruity cocktail with a special glowing touch. In the bottom of the drink was a glowing star, there is a button on the bottom which can change colour and take home to put in your own drinks. Felt pretty cool drinking it when relaxing in the bar at the Hotel New York.



  3. The Detail to Everything

    No matter where you went, whether it was the main Disneyland park or the Hotels, the attention to detail could not be missed. How every theme was carried through from the rides to the buildings to the Cast members/staffs outfits. It was amazing how all the plants, colours and attractions slotted into place in their various themed areas. When you stepped into a new area it was like being transported into a whole different world each time.
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  4. Studio Tram Tour: Behind The Magic

    While exploring world behind the movie magic in the Walt Disney Studios, we went on the Tram Tour. Joe and I love seeing how films are made and the behind the scenes to how its filmed, so this was must for us two. On this attraction you are taken to actual film sets and props that were used on films. The best bit is finding out how earthquakes and explosions happen in the movies.


  5. The Night Light Atmosphere

    This was by far my favourite thing about Disneyland. The way the night draws in but the whole park, hotels and Disney village all light up like its Christmas. It brings a totally different and exciting atmosphere to the place. The way everything is lit up empathises the magic of the place, it also looks beautiful.

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Have any of you been to Disneyland Paris? What were your favourites parts to the parks?

Thank you for reading <3
Jo x


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