Travelling and Life

“But I can’t afford to travel”
“I have work commitments/can not leave my job”
“I am not in the right position to travel”

We’ve all heard it, we’ve all said it. Including myself. Sometimes life just doesn’t allow you to travel, and that is OK!

Many blogs I follow and read suggest that you drop everything, dont make excuses and go travel. For some people this works, but for others it isnt overally realistic. Work, family, finance and other commitments are a prioity. So in order to travel it is all about adapting and fitting adventures around day to day living.

As someone who works full-time and has various commitments, being able to leave everything to travel the globe has to be put on hold until the right time. However this will never stop me from travelling and exploring.


So I decided to make the most of my local area and the rest of the UK. The country has stunning beaches, rivers, forests and other areas of natural beauty. Most of it I have not seen. Packing up on a friday night, spend the weekend hiking, climbing and skating my way around areas of the UK.

It is possible to travel without giving up everything. So what is your next mini adventure?

Jo x




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