Summer In Exmouth

Nothing soothes my soul like a long walk in the sun along a sandy beach That’s exactly why I spend my time in Exmouth. A beach town in Devon, well known for its sandy beach and for being the start of the jurassic coastline. This town is one for those beach goers and water sport … More Summer In Exmouth

July Favourites

July has wizzed past and we are now into August. I have loads of plans for blog posts and adventures coming up in the next few weeks, but more on that as it happens. Now July has been a month of sunny weather (for the UK), discovering new hobbies such as paddleboarding and rekindling my … More July Favourites

Little Lush Haul

Now like most people, I am a mega Lush fan. Many, if not all, shopping trips end up with a visit to Lush even if it is to only smell the shop. The other weekend I could help but buy an item, or two… OkayΒ maybe a few more than two items. This means that it’s … More Little Lush Haul

Travelling and Life

“But I can’t afford to travel” “I have work commitments/can not leave my job” “I am not in the right position to travel” We’ve all heard it, we’ve all said it. Including myself. Sometimes life just doesn’t allow you to travel, and that is OK! Many blogs I follow and read suggest that you drop … More Travelling and Life

UK Adventures

This is a sample of my never ending UK bucket list of activities to do and places to visit around the UK. (In no particular order) The list is always expanding and changing so below are a selection of some of the places and the activities I would like to do there. Everywhere I go … More UK Adventures